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Spirit Ridge K9 Training and Rescue

PO Box 70, Hillsburgh, 
Ontario, Canada

Tel: (519) 855-6962

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ur rehabilitation services are primarily founded in the principles that: a) every dog, regardless of size and breed, needs to 'work' throughout its life.  It goes without saying that working, herding, hunting breeds and related mixed breeds have a natural need to 'work'.  Many will be surprised that smaller dogs also benefit from 'work' - which can be as simple as learning how to properly heel on a leash or undergoing training at our facility to become certified therapy dogs through Therapeutic Paws of Canada. b) the majority of K9 behavioural problems have their origin in our human inadequacies and our inability to see dogs for what they are ... animals and not humans.  'Spoiling' a dog does more than that; it spoils and destroys your relationship with your dog and creates chaos and destruction in your home environment.  At our facility and in our classes, we teach humans how to reverse their ideas and attitudes regarding their dogs and create a wonderful relationship and bond with their dogs. c) dogs live in the here and now, only humans are stuck on their dogs' past.  We have seen countless cases of handlers with rescued dogs or dogs that have had serious illnesses/accidents in the past, overcompensate with nurturing love.  Humans with such tendencies have not only acceded their leadership role in the family 'pack' but also exude 'weak' energy.  As a result, their dogs will seek to fill the leadership void with often serious and disastrous consequences that lead to bites and other serious aggressive behaviours.

Please take a moment to review the services we offer.  In addition to gaining a great deal of insight and knowledge about your dog, you may take solace in the fact that the training revenues we receive are directed primarily towards the rescuing, rehabilitating and re-homing abandoned and unwanted dogs. 

Our indoor, heated and insulated 1,300 square training facility offers us the opportunity to hold classes indoors during the harsh winter months. When the weather improves, we take our classes outdoors to our 4000 sq foot agility field, our fenced-in 3,200 sq. foot obedience class pen and our three acre tracking field where we also occasionally hold our Rally-Obedience classes.  We are also conveniently located next to the Elora/Cataract Trailway where we can frequently be seen having backpacking hikes with our dogs along with clients' dogs (the packs are on our dogs, not us!). 

Our property also boasts a 250 square foot heated and insulated 'rescue room' where we house our rescued dogs in a quiet, comfortable and calm environment. This is where rehabilitation and the long road back to normalcy begins for the dogs we rescue.

We hope you have enjoyed this brief overview of our services and activities here at Sprit Ridge K9 Training & Rescue.  Please take a moment to navigate through the educational articles, pictures and videos, services and other doggy related information appearing in our website!

      K9 Trainer Jim Tsitanidis 'holding court' with K9 friends                    Our Sonic showing off his contacts at CPE agility trial, Red Barn, Barrie, ON, Oct 2016


    Jim Tsitanidis

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