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 “from simple beginnings come great dogs”. 

Spirit Ridge's "YoYo"

(Rescued on February 6, 2013 - ADOPTED March 24, 2013)

Background Info:
YoYo arrived at Spirit Ridge via the Sarnia Humane Society on February 6th.  He was roughly a week away from being euthanized if an alternative was not available.  We were the alternative. 

YoYo came to us with alleged serious crate anxiety and separation anxiety and was on a Prozac type generic drug.  His catatonic initial demeanour led us to toss the medication and work with him to help ease his crate anxiety.  A week into our work, I am happy to report that he is doing very well.  The "fog" in his brain seems to have been lifted and he has started to wag his tail, take interest in our dogs and generally is more 'into' doing things.

His anxiety in the crate is limited to standing and panting and, when we leave his sight, he occasionally barks but never gets rewarded by us letting him out.  He has begun to lay down in his crate and has even snoozed in it.  He is slowly learning that the easiest way out of the crate is to calm down.  He is also starting to take some treats while in his crate - which means he is starting to ease up on the stress factor.  This is work in progress ....

     "YoYo" on Day 1 at Spirit Ridge with Jim                            Spirit Ridge's "Ochi" (L) hanging with "YoYo" on Day 1 at Spirit Ridge

YoYo has also begun to slowly master the treadmill.  A few days after we started him on it, he is up to 12 minutes and continues to improve daily.  For a video of YoYo's 3rd time on the treadmill (he is way better now, already!) please follow this link:  

When YoYo first came to us, he did not show any interest and/or knowledge of how to play with other dogs.  He was not aggressive, he was not dominant, he was not even fearful ... he just stood there as if in a trance.  "Ochi" (herself a rescue by us that we kept last year) desperately tried to get her to play from day 1.  Ochi is a master at play and was thwarted for 6 days ..... until this happened .....

So far, YoYo is showing a great deal of promise.  A low to medium energy small sized malinois, he will make someone a very good companion.  Other than scent work tracking and possibly Rally Obedience (which is fun) I am not seeing him being a high performance type dog. He has already come face to face with a cat at our vet clinic and was superb in his behaviour remaining totally calm and respectfully curious.  He did NOT chase when the cat took off - which is also a big plus.  He gets along well with our dogs - even "pushy-to-play" Ochi!

We have not had a chance to test him with young children and hope to do so in the future.

YoYo has his own dedicated blog where you will be able to read and see pictures of his daily adventures as he learns new stuff and masters old challenges that went unmet before.  Please check it regularly: (UPDATE: Blog has been discontinued) for news about him and when he will be ready to start looking for his forever home.

Jim Tsitanidis,
K9 Trainer & Behavioural Consultant

Ochi (Left) manages to get YoYo to play!

MARCH 25, 2013 UPDATE:
Spirit Ridge's "YoYo" has been adopted and is now in his new home in Embro, Ontario as of March 24, 2013.  We wish our buddy "YoYo" and John and Ruth good luck and many happy years together!

John and Ruth with their new dog "YoYo" - March 24, 2013