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 “from simple beginnings come great dogs”. 

'Tequila' (Rescued Jan. 29, 2006; Adopted by Spirit Ridge March 10, 2006)   

'Tequila' is a stunning Malinois that comes from top working lines.  He originated with "de la Taniere D 'Or" kennels in France and even came to us with his euro passport (through a breeder) that purchased him as a 4 month old puppy.

Unfortunately, by the time Tequila arrived at Spirit Ridge at the age of six months, his spirit and confidence were non existent.  He initially slept at the back of his crate for nearly two weeks - only coming out to nibble on his food (that I hand fed to him) and go outside.  His tummy was inches from the ground and he slinked along the wall and hoped that no one would notice him.

Gradually, after the initial two week period, he began to trust us enough to be weaned off the hand feeding and eat from his food bowl.  He also started to show interest in the other dogs (at this time we only had a stable 'pack' of three dogs) and he latched on to our only other Malinois (Zorro) who was just over 6 years old at the time.

In spite of his fear and mistrust of people and unexpected noises, Tequila became attached to my wife and gradually showed increasingly more trust in her.  Between my helping him in his rehab period and his attachment to my wife, Tequila improved and started walking around with a bit more confidence.

Roughly a month and a half later, it became clear to me that Tequila would never be 'stable' enough to be confidently re-homed and, as a result, he became my wife's birthday present!  Tequila became our fourth dog and is now our pet - having been re-homed with us as his 'forever' home.  Since Spirit Ridge will never be a 'kill shelter', Tequila is one of those dogs that we undertake to keep for the rest of their natural lives as we cannot trust that he will be understood and properly handled in a re-homed situation.

Since those days, Tequila has flourished and become a wonderful pet and companion, always listening to us and enjoying our 22 acre property here at Spirit Ridge.  He will never be a 'working dog' but he enjoys his life, occasionally barks at the new equipment we put up on our property and always alerts us when visitors come.  His obedience is exceptional but, when distractions are present, he has a difficult time working through his 'stress'.

With the arrival of our Jesse in August of 2006, Tequila got a huge boost since she quickly became his best K9 buddy and they have played and frolicked ever since. Jesse has helped Tequila gain a great deal of confidence but, truth be told, he will always be our pet!  We love him dearly; he is smart, a very handsome boy and has bonded with us to the point that we almost forget about his 'weak' genetics!