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"........ because sit happens"

Spirit Ridge's "Ochi" was born on October 1, 2011 in Tennesee - one of a litter of five Belgian Shepherd Dogs (Malinois).  The whole litter was handed over to a local rescue shelter at the age of 5 weeks when their mother-bitch was killed.  Our friends at the American Belgian Malinois Rescue Club ( stepped in and within days transferred the litter to an experienced foster home in S. Carolina.

Spirit Ridge happened to put out 'feelers' for our future puppy - we were clearly looking for either of the two "other" varieties of Belgians (Tervurens or Groenendaels) in our feeler email to breeders and Belgian fanciers on our Yahoo Discussion Group. 

As fate had it, the foster home at the time emailed us and told us about this available-for-adoption litter.  Upon receiving this email and upon further reflection, it became clear to us that we could not, in all consciousness, call ourselves a 'rescue' while at the same time turning our backs on these puppies-in-need.  So we added our beautiful and beloved "Ochi" to our Spirit Ridge pack just before Christmas in 2011!

Spirit Ridge`s Ochi (formerly green girl) was named from the diminutive of the word 'Ochos' (which is 'eight' in Spanish - she was our 8th Spirit Ridge dog at the time!) and was nearly 3 months of age when she arrived and was welcomed into our working home.  Her training will begin in earnest and she will be meeting a LOT OF people and well adjusted dogs from whom we hope she will be learning many (but not all!) of her formative lessons.

   Agility Instructor welcoming her new agility puppy, "Ochi", at Spirit Ridge, Dec 20, 2011                        "Ochi" at 14 weeks of age warming up to our "Sonic" (Right -4 yrs old)

         Our Ochi doing an external vehicle search, May 2015                                            Ochi clearing a jump in a CPE Agility Level 2 Jumpers Q run, Holley, NY, Aug 2016


Since arriving at Spirit Ridge back in late 2011, "Ochi" has not only excelled in Rally Obedience, Scent Detection and Rally Obedience but has also been an integral component of our Play Therapy /Healthy Play program at Spirit Ridge.

Spirit Ridge's "Ochi" is currently our main agility demo dog in classes assisting our agility instructor Suzanne, after taking over from the late "Jesse" girl in August 2016.  "Ochi" and Suzanne can be seen in many agility videos on my youtube channel that can be accessed by clicking here.

Teaching children how to properly approach dogs, Hillsburgh Library branch program, Sept 2016          Suzanne &"Ochi" celebrating a successful Full House CPE agility run, Dexter, Michigan


"Ochi" with her Q and title ribbons after CPE Agility trial in Dexter Michigan, Aug 2016