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Spirit Ridge K9 Training  & Rescue

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"...... because sit happens"

                                                           Pictures of our Spirit Ridge K9 Crew!

            "Sonic (Boom)" in jumping form - agility practice, Dec 2010                                                              Spirit Ridge's "Sonic" retrieving dumbbell over jump, March 2011

    Agility Instructor, Suzanne Adams, struggling to keep up to our "Jesse" on the teeter                    Sonic (Left) and Ochi booting in the snow and playing on Spirit Ridge grounds (Feb. 2013)

    K9 Trainer Jim Tsitanidis with the Sprit Ridge pack - first Winter 2010 snowfall                           Snow covered Jesse girl playing with Sonic (Boom) - February 2013             
            (left to right - "Jesse", "Tequila", "Koukla", "Zorro" and "Sonic")

   More pictures of our own dogs and clients' dogs at work & play ...