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“from simple beginnings come great dogs”. 

'Sputnik' (Rescued November 6, 2005; Re-homed November 27, 2005)

Sputnik was our first official rescued dog at Spirit Ridge.  Maybe that is the primary reason why he holds such a special place in our thoughts.  He was rescued from a student in the Guelph area who thankfully recognized she was 'over her head' with this dog.  In fact, she had been told by a local vet that he should be euthanized due to his "aggression issues".

Nothing could have been farther from the truth!  Within a few days of 'working' with him, Sputnik began displaying all the characteristics that this breed (Malinois) are known for - 'drive', an intense desire to please and a work ethic that surprised us since he was barely over two years of age at the time and had been bounced from the Montreal SPCA all the way to Guelph and had been through three homes by then with very little formal training of any sort!

I put out the word very early in the fostering period because I realized this dog needed to quickly find his 'forever' home and get into a working routine that would improve his confidence.  The Gods were looking down on 'Sputie' .... within three weeks, an experienced handler from mid state Michigan saw our posting and cross post on the American Malinois Rescue website and enquired about him.

We arranged for a meeting on the Canadian side of the border in Sarnia and, it was love at first sight!  Debbie M. fell in love with this beautiful boy and did not hesitate to claim him.

Eighteen months later, Sputnik (who was re-named 'Mikey') was certified as a land and water search and recovery dog and is proudly living with his Rottweiller packmate 'Hagy' and, of course, his loving adoptive 'mom' Debbie.

We are all very proud of Sputie and he will always be 'our' favourite rescued dog even though he remained the least amount of time with us.  He truly epitomizes Spirit Ridge's rescue motto

' .... from simple beginnings come great dogs!'