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 “from simple beginnings come great dogs”. 

'Quinn' (Rescued Jan. 23, 2007)   

One snowy morning in January 2007, we received a call from a contact working at the Toronto Humane Society (THS).  A dog that had been turned in due to alleged aggression issues, was in their custody.  Initially, this dog had been classified as a German Shepherd/Collie mixed breed.  Our contact's keen eye realized that this was not the case and that this boy was a purebred Belgian Shepherd (a groenendael) - the kind that rarely finds itself in a rescue shelter.

Lucky for Quinn, the rescue network for Groendaels is extensive and very active.  After traveling to the THS and confirming that he was a Belgian, I undertook to transport him to Kingston where he was placed in the care and custody of a breeder who eventually re-homed him to a loving forever home in Simcoe, Ontario. This is one of the rescue services we offer at Spirit Ridge when we know there is a competent and loving foster home available for the dogs we rescue.  We prefer to reserve our limited space and resources for those dogs that are in desperate need of help with no alternatives available.  Quinn did not fall into this category even at the age of 8 years!

This wonderful boy who was anything but aggressive, needed to get out of the Humane Society as soon as possible.  The environment he found himself in through no fault of his own, fuelled his defensive drive and he became so protective of his crate that the workers were starting to fear going near him.

The minute I took him out of that environment and showed him some proper love and respect, he began to flourish - on the spot.  It was wonderful watching this boy go through the transformation.  Fourteen hours after setting out to meet and assess him, Quinn was safe and sound in a temporary foster home on January 23rd.  Much like the US Postal Service slogan, 'neither sleet, nor rain, nor snow ...' will stop Spirit Ridge from rescuing a dog in need - especially one of our 'own' breed!

Quinn will now live out his 'golden' years secure in the knowledge that he is living in his very last 'forever' home!