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 “from simple beginnings come great dogs”. 

"LOBO" - Fostered through the American Belgian Malinois Club (ABMC)

(Arrived at Spirit Ridge on August 19, 2012 - adopted on November 30, 2012)

From the minute Lobo arrived at Spirit Ridge we knew this was a very special dog. His demeanour, temperament and general happy-go-lucky attitude called into question the available history on him.

He was "dumped" at a NYC shelter in early August after he apparently became "too big" to be a house dog. His history stated that he had lost his "job" as a parking lot guard dog. Since we have fostered him, we have come to the conclusion that he was no more a "guard dog" than we are astronauts (which we are NOT)!

Lobo was "pulled" from the NYC shelter in mid August, fostered for a few days by the local ABMC volunteer and, via a series of "transport Angels" brought to the border where we took over his guardianship and fostered him for nearly 4 months.  During this time, we assessed and evaluated all assets of his temperament, physical and breed skills.

Lobo arrived on August 19th at an age of four and weighing roughly 66 lbs.  The good thing about Lobo from the get-go was his easy going temperament and the fact that unlike many in his breed - his energy level was between low and medium.  Content to go for long walks then settle next to his handler on a fluffy dog bed chewing a bone would do just fine for Mr. Lobo, thank you very much!  On bad weather days, Lobo had been taught bu us here at Spirit Ridge to walk on his treadmill for anywhere between 20 and 40 minutes and THEN hang out on his doggy bed with that tasty bone!

Being the quick learner that he was, Lobo was easy to train in the beginner level of Rally Obedience and showed a great deal of aptitude in this dog sport. he has been learning some Rally Obedience and has shown a great deal of aptitude, skill and interest in this dog sport.  

From a health standpoint, Lobo's only "issue" was that he had (confirmed via x-rays by us) hip dysplasia. This had not affected him in the least bit in terms of wanting to play and please in any possible way.  I am sure that had we asked him to do agility jumps, he would have done his best to excel in that as well.  Alas, agility will never be in this boy's future - however, rally obedience, scentwork/detection work, tracking and regular obedience are well within the realm of possibilities for him - not to mention therapy work in the future as he is a love bug with both humans and other dogs. 

During his stay at Spirit Ridge K9 Training & Rescue, "Lobo" proved time and time again how rock solid he was with other dogs preferring to initiate play and calm contact if necessary to help a shy dog come out of his or her shell.  Having recognized this side of hi from the very beginning we gave Lobo this job while he was here with us and he excelled in every possible way.

Lobo (L) with GSD puppy Brandy Collins (M) and Ochi (R)         Lobo (R) with his October girlfriend GSD Macy                     Here seen respectfully approaching 13 yr old Zorro

Lobo (R) with foster packmates Sonic, Jesse and Zorro               Lobo playing with young Finnegan (Irish Water Spaniel)                          Willo (border terrier) between Lobo (R) and Ochi (L)

After working with Lobo for roughly two months and looking for his next home Lobo was ready to go to a new home effective October 12, 2012.  It was at that time that Pat, both visited Lobo at our facility as well as hosted him for a few hours at her place on a trial basis.  Pat has had a great deal of experience with this demanding Malinois breed as her son has adopted a rescue through us ("Tango").  Lobo and Tango play famously together and get along very well so (see below).  

Effective November 30, 2012, "Lobo" was adopted by Pat in Ajax, Ontario, Canada.  Lobo will now have the 24-7 attention and work peppered with affection that he so much deserves.  Although a bittersweet feeling, we know we will get to see Lobo from time to time since we get to see "
Tango" who we re-homed to Pat's son roughly three years prior!

          Lobo (R) tugging with Tango (L) during one of her visits to Spirit Ridge                                                      Lobo (L) playing with Tango (R) in September 2012



Just before the final hand off - Lobo with his new PERMANENT handler Pat accompanied
by Zorro (L) with Jim and Ochi (R) with Suzanne.  Also in the picture, Pat's son Greg. NOV 30, 2012