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Spirit Ridge's "Jesse" girl and handler Suzanne Adams "rock" at the 2015 US CPE Agility Nationals in Jacksonville, Florida!

After qualifying for the 2015 US CPE Agility Nationals throughout 2014, Spirit Ridge's "Jesse" girl took her show on the road to Jacksonville, Florida.  There, between April 24-26, 2015, Jesse girl went 6 out of nine in terms of qualifying scores and, along the way, earned top honours in her 20 inch veterans' Standard category - representing rescued malinois AND her country (Canada) with distinction.

Below, her handler, Suzanne Adams ("Mrs. Spirit Ridge") and Jesse girl are seen in the photos both posing with "the loot" being brought back to Canada as well as in some of the agility "runs".

For videos showing how awesome this Canadian team was, please click on the videos below.

CONGRATULATIONS to our Canadian team as well as the other four teams that also represented our country with distinction - we are VERY proud of them all!






Jim Tsitanidis,
K9 Trainer & Behavioural Consultant