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Jesse girl

"Zorro" (1999-2014)

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Spirit Ridge K9 Training & Rescue  

 “from simple beginnings come great dogs”. 

Spirit Ridge's 'Jesse' girl  , CaTCH-1, CaTCH-2, (CPE), ATCh, Bronze Award of Merit, VBA, ExSt Bronze, ExJ Bronze, ExSnBronze, ExSc Bronze, MGDC, MADC, MSCDC, MJDC, MSDC, AGDC, MRTDC (AAC), AGX, AGI, AGIJ, AGN, AGNJ, RN-HIT (CKC), REMCL, RNT (CARO), TT (ATTS),  Literacy Assistance Dog


Jesse was rescued from the Uxbridge/Scugog SPCA on July 21, 2006.  She had been found and turned in as a stray.  At the time, Jesse was estimated to be roughly one year of age.

Right from the start, we knew there was something special about this girl.  When we brought her back to Spirit Ridge, she took a couple of days to get her bearings .... and then she latched on to one of our other 'rescues' - Tequila.  She and Tequila became the very best of buds to the point that we could not bear to separate them.  She helped Tequila get over many of his own fears and, through their play, helped him gain a great deal of confidence.

During her rehabilitation, Jesse showed an uncharacteristic handler sensitivity and a 'softness' that Malinois are generally not known for.  Her desire to please and her 'drive' were phenomenal - especially during her obedience training days.  Then one day, when we were least expecting it, she took a 'run' at one of our agility jumps and cleared it with such ease that we were shocked.  We immediately tested her again with a command to jump thrown in for good measure and she did it again .... and thus, an agility star was born!

We could not bear to part with her and, a month after we rescued her, we decided to adopt her.

Our Jesse girl was with us for a decade.  During that time, she reached some serious lofty titles in Rally Obedience.  In addition to blowing through all CARO RallyO levels (with 1st place finishes and titles that filled our training facility walls) and getting TWO High In Trial results under CKC and AKC, she was also an incredible therapy and Literacy Assistance dog. 

Not only was she a superstar athlete, but our Jesse girl also flexed her paws when she gave acting a shot!  In  2013 a remake of an old Anjelina Jolie movie "Foxfire" was released at the Toronto Film Festival and we were invited to the premier.  Here is a link to the trailer of the movie.

Truth be told though, Jesse girl saved her biggest accomplishments and loftiest achievements for the sport of agility.  In addition to being a star in AAC, CKC AND CPE agility she was also our faithful helper and demo dog helping many handlers teach their dogs the ways of proper agility.  When our Jesse girl was not "ripping up" an agility course, she could be seen calmly hanging out in "her" chair (with our without hat-wear depending on the setting) watching the world go by and chillin' till her next run.  This was a picture also encountered when Jesse girl was on vacation on the beach! 

2013 US Malinois Nationals, Gettysburg, PA                          Fernandina Beach, Fla - the reward after placing FIRST at the US CPE Agility Nationals in her class - Jan 2016

Here is a brief picture gallery of Spirit Ridge's Jesse girl's achievements.  There are literally too many to mention.  A testament to an incredible dog that we were privileged at Spirit Ridge K9 Training & Rescue to call "ours".  For a sample of some of our Jesse's videos (along with some of our other great dogs) please click here

AAC Starter Agility Games title (SGDC), Jan 2, 2010             Happy "Jesse" with proud handler and agility instructor, Suzanne - AAC Starter Standard Agility title, Sept 13, 2009.    

On the weekend of June 22-23, 2013
and in the context of the Agility Association of Canada's Ontario West regionals, Jesse girl came in first in her 22 inch veterans class - earning 6 out of 6 first place finishes in standard, snooker, jumpers and gamble runs!
  Below, are a couple of pictures of happy Jesse girl posing with her first place trophy and rosettes from her 1st place qualifying finishes!


ATCh (AAC) Jesse girl - July 12, 2013 - with judge Carole Cote (L) and proud handler Suzanne Adams (Mrs. Spirit Ridge)    

In 2015 and 2016, our Jesse girl continued her brilliant agility career in CPE agility by earning her two CATCH-1 and CATCH-2 titles as well as qualifying and competing in the 2015 and 2016 US CPE Agility Nationals where she took high Standard in her veteran class (Jacksonville, Fla - 2015) and High Reserve Standard (Springfield, Ohio - 2016).

2015 CPE Nationals, Jacksonville, Fla, USA - Apr 24, 2015                                         2016  CPE Nationals, Springfield, Ohio, USA - June 11, 2016

Jesse girl beat a lot of dogs in her competitive agility and Rally Obedience careers but, alas, she could not beat cancer.  A month after she was awarded her CPE Agility CATCH-2 title in Tonawanda, NY, she succumbed to the disease and was assisted to the Rainbow Bridge on July 22, 2016.  On the day that she took her last breath, she also took a part of of Spirit Ridge's heart and soul when she left us.  Run free, sweet baby girl ....

                           Our love for Jesse girl was immeasurable; this is how we will always remember her!                 Spirit Ridge's "Jesse" girl (2005-2016)