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Spirit Ridge's "Houdini" ("Dini") Has Been Adopted!

Dini was rescued from the Hamilton/Burlington SPCA and entered Spirit Ridge's welcoming arms on January 4, 2007.  She had no history, no tatoo, no registration or micro chip.  She was young (estimated to be in the 6-7 month old range) and full of fear and bewilderment - having fended for herself on the 'mean' streets of Hamilton.

When the rescue operation was initiated, and Dini initially saw me through her cage's glass window, she literally wanted to rip my face off.  It just so happens that, as a K9 Trainer and Behavioural Consultant, I look past such initial reactions which are invariably fuelled by the stress of the barking dogs and the unknown environment. Moreover, I saw the spirit and fire in her eyes that I just knew I had to help her harness and convert to positive 'energy'.  It just so happens that this type of reaction was what kept her there and made her difficult to adopt - just long enough for me to cast my eyes on her!

Since the initial meeting, Dini spent three wonderful months with us - initially rehabilitating but eventually, learning how to 'work' for everything, executing her obedience commands, learning what toy motivation is and consistently improving on it.

Her needs were tended to, she was micro chipped, socialized and was taught how to behave by our stable pack of five Belgian Shepherds here at Spirit Ridge Rescue.  This experience has proven valuable to her as she learned to accept and be social with K9s while she is still working on her human social skills that have also greatly improved.

Now, not only does Dini have a history and a 'fall back' home here at Spirit Ridge (once we rescue and re-home a dog, we are always willing to take it back if things do not work out) but, she also has a 'forever home'.

Dini was adopted (on a two week trial basis - yeah right, this cutie is never coming back!) by Dennis and Diane McD. of Toronto on April 1, 2007.  Dennis is a K9 Trainer who recognized not only Dini's true potential but also the rehabilitative work we undertake at Spirit Ridge Rescue.  Dini is now in training to be Dennis's demonstration dog in his K9 Training business.  Not to be outdone by her husband, Diane is also scheming on possibly getting Dini into Agility for which the latter is ideally suited!  I say 'scheming' because rumour has it that Dennis won't let anyone else near his Dini!

I will keep our readers posted in the future on Dini's progress.  In the meanwhile, please enjoy the two pictures of our sweet and never-to-be-forgotten Dini that were taken the day of her adoption - our last day with her!  It is so rewarding and heartwarming for us here at Spirit Ridge Rescue to see, what we consider one of our own dogs, doing so well!


Good Luck Dini!!!  We are rooting for you!

Jim Tsitanidis                                                                   
K9 Trainer & Behavioural Consultant
Spirit Ridge K9 Training & Rescue

April 4, 2007