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 “from simple beginnings come great dogs”. 

'Caesar' (Rescued July 17, 2006; Re-homed July 17, 2006)


Caesar is a beautiful German Shepherd Dog (GSD) who, through no fault of his own, wound up being targeted by Animal Control Services in the town of Markham.  He was trained in competitive obedience and schutzhund.  His owner decided that he needed to convert him to a personal protection dog for the safety of his family since he traveled a great deal and was frequently absent from home.

Unfortunately, Caesar also had a tendency to leave the confined area of his backyard all too frequently and, eventually, Animal Control Services gave his owner a three day ultimatum.

In order to save this beautiful dog, we managed to re-home him in a working property (Halton Peel K9) where he now lives with John K. and where his skills and work ethic are put to good use.

This is one of the rare cases of Spirit Ridge intervening to save a non Belgian Shepherd.  Since we were able to re-home him directly from his original home, we were more than happy to intervene and help out.