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".... from simple beginning come great dogs"

Lil' Boy "Blue"

(Rescued December 8, 2007; Adopted by James and Roxana A. on March 1, 2008 )   

Blue, an Australian Cattle Dog, came to us in early December 2007 from a client who, due to personal circumstances, could no longer care for him.  It was either us or the shelter and we, of course, could not let this beautiful boy go back into the shelter system.

While in our care, Blue was able to continue shedding the excess weight that his first home had saddled him with - he had ballooned to nearly 70 lbs at that time (the average weight for this breed is roughly 40 lbs).  He also learned how to follow and better respect a human pack leader and through continuous exercise and toy motivation as well as exposure to Spirit Ridge's stable K9 pack (many of whom have also been rescued in the past) continuously improved on his social K9 skills.

After an unsuccessful initial re-homing attempt (his fifth home in four years!!) we were able to locate a perfect match for him through another client of ours.  A match made in heaven as James and Roxana fell in love with him at first glance.  To quote a famous movie scene - we believe that Blue had them at 'hello'!

All the hard work we put into this boy has paid off in spades.  Since this young couple lives in downtown Toronto, his nerves of steel and well honed social K9 skills have served him well as he continues to become a well adjusted 'urban' boy!  His continuous walks and his increasing bond with his new family amaze both relatives and onlookers, we are told. People shake their heads in disbelief when they are told that this is his SIXTH home in four years. Way to go Blue!  You are not only a shining example of the awful things humans can do to their dogs by treating them as if they were humans but also a great ambassador to your hearty breed! You will always be in our hearts and thoughts.

In the meanwhile, his new family has decided to continue to build on our hard work and will be starting Rally Obedience classes with us here at Spirit Ridge.  We have no doubt he will excel and shine in the competition ring!

                                                            Roxana, James & Blue on Adoption Day

Jim Tsitanidis                                                                   
K9 Trainer & Behavioural Consultant
Spirit Ridge K9 Training & Rescue